Look the innocent flower

But be the serpent underneath



            “No need to make such assumptions when you know of its truth. It makes you seem self indulgent, cincuenta seis~.”

"On the contrary, I would never presume to be certain of your decisions."

"I can merely hope one way or the other.”



            “Despite my sudden departure you all certainly seem to have continued to be dreadfully dull. What a shame~.”


"—Then I assume you’ll be more than content to resume your research in solitude?

shellbow: I saw you were doing sketch requests and I was wondering if you would do Sung-Sun from bleach, maybe with some snakes ovo




goldentresses: Senses As Nodt and just kind of.....pulls Sung-sun off

Trails after her like a little duck.

I͟ ca͡n ͘se͢e ̢y͢ou̵.


                     Violently sobs on you all. I have 1200 of you and I just? That is such a
                     huge number of people (to me) and I am seriously grateful for every.
one of you.

                     I don’t want to make a huge follow forever so I am just going to include
                     my closest writing partners/friends and my biggest inspirations/people I want to interact with more here. I
                     am saving my gigantic post for if I ever get to 1500. (wink wink)

                     So without further unnecessary blathering:

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                    I know I am missing a ton of people—and I apologize if I missed you. I
                    am super tired as I type this, but I am grateful for all of my followers and I
                    certainly would never purposely snub someone. Don’t take it personal,

                   Anyway thank you all for sticking with me! You guys are the best!                                                                                       


I don’t get nearly enough credit in life for the things I manage not to say. —Meg Rosoff, How I Live Now (via larmoyante)
Anonymous: ...how so?

She gave a small shrug. “I don’t think we’ll ever be true creatures of the day no matter what we do, but the moon is proof enough that even the night isn’t without its light. It’s a much more subtle, collected kind of energy — like Harribel-sama herself.”

"I just find it a more fitting metaphor, if you have to draw one."

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