Look the innocent flower

But be the serpent underneath

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"Then I suggest you look elsewhere.

Anonymous: If Harribel would order you to stay away from Nnoitra, what would you do?

"I—…would have to obey."


But even as she answered, she knew such a task would not be so easy, especially when the Quinto learned of it.


She could practically feel the unease radiating off the other arrancar, but despite that, the Queen was determined to speak her piece. She had never shied away from anyone regarding her words, and now was no exception.


"You realize he is a threat to our progress."

It wasn’t really a question, and both of them knew the answer.

Her eyes dropped to the sand as the older woman spoke, either unwilling or unable to meet the intensity of her gaze. It was a rhetorical question, yet the fifty-sixth felt compelled to answer regardless. She might have been able to lie to herself, but she couldn’t lie to Harribel. Still, it was strange how such a small word could manage to catch in her throat as she replied, quieter than before. 



A sigh. This wasn’t going to be easy for either of them.


"We need to have a talk about the Quinto. A true talk.”

Already her sleeve was at her lips, climbing higher above her features at the mention of the Quinto. Sung-Sun had hoped with his recent absence, the tension between them all might dissipate, though it appeared that wasn’t the case. It wasn’t a subject she was willing to talk about so openly, but she supposed that was the very least she owed her mistress. 

"…Very well," she replied, pursing her lips anxiously as she waited for the Tres to continue.

Anonymous: OoooooooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooooooooooo you're in trouble >:}






"…Yes, Harribel-sama?"

Being Queen is filled with a lot of tough decisions

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